I’m inspired by myth, storytelling and symbolism. Referencing the female is personal, as I ponder questions about aging, relevance, beauty and power. I’m inspired by women holding one another up, as we gather this group courage. I love that we’re finding these connections, honoring ourselves, discovering unity in a way that had been missing previously. 

The figure stands for our ongoing transient nature, our eternal migration, our personal journey. And I see the journey as both a celebration and a trial when one is female.

Using collage and acrylic paint and mediums, I work towards an abstracted idea, a simplification, an essence of form and line to describe the experience of being in a body. The way materials and texture interact, as I play and experiment, becomes a vehicle for discovery and a way to process emotions. Haiku, architecture, graphic design and photography remain sources for ideas as well as subtexts of interest for in my process.